The donations were 40 dollars short for 2012. They are *143.60 short for 2013.

It's ok - I don't always expect the traffic on some sites and heavy traffic on others to generate revenue.  If I did I would go to what I vastly disagree with in sites which are done out of the kindness if someone's heart - advertising. At this moment, August 10th (BREAKING BAD RESUMES TOMORROW!!!) ..we are at $20 in donations for 2013.  All personal/WoW/favor websites combined, that's $183.60 short, not including $59.75 in websites i can afford to fold into existing websites.  Folding those websites because of the lack of donations.  The few hundred extra I had on 2012's graphic involved various things i'm interested in doing which aren't free relating to website projects.  Previously I had been breaking even, roughly, through donations.  And those donations enabled me to expand (WoW, SoN fans, money from sites i'm doing for people as favors.)  But, as the donations disappear, I am folding back my personal operations so I don't have to fold back sites I do as favors.  The business sites I operate are paid for, and are not counted.

I'm probably going to let tlpdresource.com and aeonaxxresource.com expire, folding them into notsorare.com. That will be in 2014.

*this colored number is kept up to date. 


Regarding Symphony of Noise donations

Symphony of Noise has always made all music available for free.  While some physical items have gone on sale from time to time, the free downloads at CD quality or better (depending on the time) have always been there, unregulated.  If you love the work, feel free to show support by throwing a donation down.  We always appreciate feedback as well.  We will continue to keep the websites free of advertising as well - so naturally as a side effect our only source of revenue is donations.  Thank you for your time and interest.


Everything done for 2011 was paid for, thank you!

Above is the chart I posted regarding 2012's money situation on my website family. If the chart fills up, that will still be the place to click to donate beyond that. Everything is appreciated and once more is coming in than is being spent on the existing sites, more work will be put in as thanks. Beyond that, other sites may spring up as the need in the community presents itself.

As stated, 2011 was paid for entirely by donations. That joined with the outpouring of contributions and support along side all the feedback makes it all worth while. Hopefully the trend of the site carrying itself monetarily can continue into the future. That way, the sites will be guaranteed to exist in the future.


The website family includes those that are related to World of Warcraft, Symphony of Noise and others that are more side, side projects.